Governing Council

Governing Council has a meeting twice each term to discuss aspects of the school, including Strategic Planning, Site Improvement Planning, Out of School Hours Care, Facilities/Environment, Sports, Events, Fundraising and Parent Engagement. Committees work within the Governing Council which are responsible for different elements of school governance. 

Members of the council include:

Melissa Evans – Principal, Lisa Conroy – Deputy Principal, Michael Cain – Assistant Principal, Roslyn Usher – Chair, Samantha Pitson – Treasurer, Wendy Haydon – Secretary, Margie Norton – NOSHC rep, Gemma Page, Jemma Anderson, Iresha Degamboda, Amy Myles, Dan Pryor, Aimee Patten, Susan Baker, Tania Bauerochse – Staff Representative, and Premier Steven Marshall – MP Community Representative

If you require more information, please click the link below to email the Norwood Primary School Governing Council: