Norwood Primary School is a highly regarded, Reception to Year 7 School of approximately 380 students. Norwood is a category 7 school, with a culturally and socially diverse cohort, having approximately 45% of students from non-English speaking backgrounds. It is an inner metropolitan school with a proud heritage, strong traditions and identity dating back to 1877. It is also a school with a strong sense of Community demonstrated through an emphasis on:- Community, Diversity, Creativity and Opportunity. The school is situated close to the Norwood business precinct. The school adjoins the historic Norwood Oval, which was once part of the school’s property. The oval was transferred to the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters in 1928. An agreement is in place from that time which allows the school access to, and use of, Norwood Oval most school days under established agreements and conditions.


Norwood is acknowledged as a school with a strong heritage, tradition and identity. This is built on a firm foundation of multiculturalism, a strong sense of community and a celebration of diversity. These aspects of our school’s history continue to influence the development and operation of our school.

The school offers a strong Language program. Italian is our language of study for all students and we provide lessons in Greek and Chinese Mandarin for students who are eligible for First Language Maintenance.

We also have small numbers of International Students and a small enrolment of indigenous students.


The school’s buildings and facilities reflect its diversity and are highly valued by the local and wider community for their heritage value.  A major and extensive school redevelopment was completed at the beginning of 2010 which has successfully brought the school more in line with flexible approaches to C21st. learning. The addition of a new, architecturally designed Performing Arts Centre has greatly enhanced student learning opportunities. In 2015, we have redeveloped our Year 7 learning spaces to accommodate changes to pedagogy in line with the development of C21 skills.

There are several joint user agreements in place – with the Norwood Out of School Care Program, the DECD Instrumental Service, Primary Schools Orchestra, the Norwood Football Club, Australian Girls Choir and various external hirers.


Norwood is an Arts Focus School. It implements a highly successful school musical program, an art show, a stringed ensemble group and choir programs which contribute to the school’s successful curriculum fabric.

Our curriculum priorities across 2014-17 through the school’s Site Learning Plan are implemented through an Inquiry based approach. The focus question is ‘How are we challenging and supporting all members of our community to improve outcomes for our learners?’

Priority areas include:

Literacy, Numeracy, Student Voice, TfEL - Assessment for Learning & C21 skills.